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Our Story

Northwest business with a local story

Here in Shelton, Washington at the foot of the Olympic Mountains, in the heart of evergreen forests, we buy quality greens including salal, cedar, juniper, bear grass and evergreen huckleberry from local harvesters. Our team quickly fills your orders to insure freshest possible.

Wild Greens Intl. Founder, Rene Salazar

From his early days as a youth, Rene Salazar learned to identify and harvest fresh wild greens, plants, and flowers. Since 2014, Rene has managed and owned Wild Greens International, a Washington business harvesting the finest, freshest greens from the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Operating as a family business specializing in custom orders and personal touches, Rene and his team work year-long to secure the freshest harvests, and carefully prepare each order for you.